August. We meet again. Do we have a history together or what?
August is the month I’ll love every year from here on out. It’s the month I got my life back. The life I knew was taken away in May 2014 with sickness overtaking my body, my liver failing, everything changing. In August 2015, it got switched around. I got my new liver. I started living again. I didn’t get “me” back… It was a new version of me. But frankly, I like this version better.
This version knows impossible sacrifice. I know what that looks like. It looks like a friend offering up months of her time, her ORGAN, so that you can have a chance of living. 

This version knows passion. The passion for organ donation, because it just.makes.sense. Because I see people die waiting. Because I love people who are waiting for a second chance. I love people like me who are struggling to get out of bed everyday and move forward. 

Passion for love. Passion for people. Passion for purpose. 

This version of me knows (better) what is important. It knows to not waste time pursuing what’s expected, what was planned. Life is too fragile to blindly chase success. To blindly fulfill expectations others or yourself have placed. Like a heavy boulder on your back. 

Nope. I’m pursuing a life that God has put on my heart. Because I know what it’s like to almost lose that opportunity.

This time last year I was sick. Very sick. I was surviving but I could have had something go wrong at any moment. A bleed. An infection. 

I am simultaneously humbled and proud to be standing here this August. I’m alive. And I love my life. I love my future. I don’t know exactly what it holds, but I know it will be good because I know God has kept me here for a purpose beyond my comprehension. 

August is my month of transformation. My month of waking up, new, but broken down. Weak, but strong.

I just love August.