I heard something on the radio today. The radio host wanted people to call in with their guesses of what income is necessary to live “comfortably” in North Carolina. I was in the car long enough to hear one woman call in, and she made me pause and think. With confidence she stated, “I’d say about 90,000 a year for two people.” 
The DJ says, “Huh. Well the answer is $50,000.” 
To which she shot back, “Yeah if you want the free stuff!”

Without divulging our entire financial situation, I have thoughts on this. No, we do not bring in 90,000 and frankly, I think her evaluation is HIGH. But beyond that… I thought about the word “comfortably.”

What is comfortable? What is it to you? To me… Comfort isn’t something that comes with money. With income. Comfort to me, is a physical and even a spiritual or an emotional something… It is the sense of contentment in what you have. Comfort to me, after being so sick, is waking up NOT sick. Comfort is knowing my soul is safe. That “it is well.” Comfort in America….is drastically different than comfort elsewhere. Comfort in middle class America is drastically different than comfort amongst the poor right down the street. 

Isn’t it funny how limited our sights are? I’m comfortable. But that doesn’t mean we don’t need to watch and delegate where each of our pennies go. Comfort isn’t about that. 

I am infinitely blessed to be living such a comfortable life. 

On the other side of that though… How comfortable should we be? Shouldn’t we be jumping OUT of our comfort zones? And get comfortable in that? That’s my goal this month. To be comfortable being uncomfortable. To talk about things that aren’t so easy. To do things that don’t come naturally. 

This is all just a ramble… But comfort. It’s relative. And it’s not somewhere to become stagnant either.