But God.

Originally posted on 4/6/15.

People ask how I’m feeling a lot. What a loaded question. 
Where do I start? 
I feel tired. All the time. I don’t feel like me. I feel overwhelmed. 

I usually say I’m feeling the same. Or pretty good, or okay. But if you want the real, unedited, unfiltered, deep, scary, long version? You better buckle up and become a therapist in the next two seconds 😉 

This is what’s on my heart, as I lay in bed beside my sleeping sweetheart. I’m about to get up for some leftover pie, but this needs to be said. Probably more for me than for you. 

Yes, I’m exhausted upon waking. I’m often afraid and anxious. BUT GOD. I heard that prepositional (I think. Help me out, grammar police?!) phrase in a blog once. The author talked about how POWERFUL the phrase BUT GOD is. You may be struggling. In fact, I bet you are. Not in the way I am, or your best friend is, or your child is. But in your own way. And to you, it’s big and it’s real. Maybe it’s consuming you. 

Can I just say it again? BUT GOD. He is still good. He is still real. He is the rock that is higher than I – higher than you. 

Maybe when you say “But God,” it comes out more whiny. “BUT GOD, why me? Why is this happening?” Trust me, I’ve been there. I am there. At least ten times a day. Well, not to sound like your mother, but life’s not fair. It’s really not. BUT GOD (is this getting annoying?) sees you. He sees little you. And little me. And He has a plan. 

So. How do I feel? I feel… All the things. But to sum up how I feel tonight – I feel thankful. Thankful that God hooked me at a young age. I was saved at five. How privileged I was. I am thankful for a family who fostered my relationship with Him. They took me to church. They prayed with me. And I’m thankful for a husband who leads me closer to Him everyday. We just got done reading the Word and lifting our concerns to our Maker. And he forgives me every time I act like a spoiled child. I know I’m his beloved, just like I’m God’s. 

Life is hard. Like, really hard. But God has given me so much to be thankful for. 


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